AutoFry MTI-10X/XL Basket Hold Down Assembly - Left Side P/N: 03-0151-L

$ 978.36

Basket Hold Down Assembly for AutoFry model MTI 10X/XL (Serial Number 40000-10 & Above) ONLY!


The Basket Hold Down Assembly is set directly into the AutoFry oil pot. This unique patented design allows the unit to move in unison during fry cycles to prevent floating foods from rising to the top of the oil. 

Floating foods are kept submerged in oil for the duration of the fry cycle. This ensures food is cooked evenly on both sides, without the need to flip or rotate.


The AutoFry is the leader in ventless deep frying technology.  To learn more about the AutoFry, visit the AutoFry homepage.  For a full listing of Ventless Kitchen Solutions visit the MTI Products page.

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